14 May 2015

What to do When You're Bored!

 I know that it is extremely hard to stop being bored once you have started to feel bored so I decided to write a post for you today on how to stop being bored and starting to have fun again! My  first tip is not too look amount the internet for AGGGEEESSS for ideas on how to not be bored, find one source (well here you are!) and settle for one cool idea to try. If it is unsuccessful then try again with another idea. So here are my ideas:
  • read lots of my blog posts or start your own blog (you can look up how)
  • have your own mini dance party-put on some music you love and dance around your room (and maybe sing too :D)
  • Change the background of google (!)Download My Chrome Theme, make your own background for your browser then install it. Ta-da!
  • Start a craft project (and actually finish it) it's very satisfying, and fun!
  •  If you don't feel like the crafting side of art, why not just draw? You could doodle anything you want! It could even become a new hobby.
  • Decorate some of your stationary (e.g notebooks) with patterned tape, stickers, cool papers, sharpies, a collage of your favourite pics or something equally awesome!
  • If you're feeling more adventurous then you could even decorate your room! I don't mean painting walls, moving furniture etc (although you could if you want to), I mean putting up posters or paintings, making cushions, putting a tablecloth on your desk, decorating desk pots (as in the cups for your pens and things) or anything else you can think of!
  • Make lots of small gifts for no reason such as bookmarks, bracelets, small soaps, fridge magnets, handmade lipglosses/lipsticks (maybe made out of crayons? Look it up on youtube), polymer clay charms or anything you know how to make or want to. Then put your small gifts in a box, now you'll be ready for giving people little gifts to make their day or to go alongside with bigger gifts at a special occasion
  • Write a letter, you may think this sounds boring but it really isn't! Use cute writing sets, coloured pens (for multi-coloured writing), stickers or anything else to create a nice message for someone. You could write to a friend in another country, a family member or to anyone whom you want to surprise or make their day! You could even include a small gift in it (just make sure it's thin so you don't have to pay extra for the size).
  • Try out a nail art tutorial (or a few) start off with easy tutorials then progress to harder ones. If it's your first go then you'll probably mess up a lot but don't give up it's still fun! xD
  • Make your way through a TV boxset (I often watch comedies-you could too :D). You could watch one episode every evening or try to watch a whole series in your holidays
  • Try out a new hobby. You could try: origami, fashion design, a new sport or something else that interests you!
  • Make your own animation or game! Go to www.scratch.mit.edu and make an account, then click on the create button to start programming an easy 'project'. Once you've started, the opportunities are endless for what you could do, any type of project will do, you could start a new studio, look at other people's projects etc (look at the website for more info and explanations, after all this is just a bullet point)
  • Ask your friends and family what music they would recommend for you to listen too. You could make a list of the songs and music artists they talk about then search for them online. Once you've listened to them you can decide on your favourites, you may have found some new tracks to listen to in your spare time!
  • Let yourself be swayed by TV adverts. What I mean by this is that you could buy (or ask for) a cool product or book you see advertised that interests you! If it's a popular book you could take time writing a review for it so that other people who see the advert may look up reviews, see yours and decide whether or not to buy it. If it's a craft product then you can try it out and if you love it then you can do a craft project with it!
  • Spend an afternoon in your garden (on a nice day) and bring a sketchpad and other supplies so that you can draw lots of nature sketches
  • (when you're not going out all day) Try out different combinations of your clothes to create some amazing outfits for different occasions. If you want you could either take pictures of the best outfit combinations or note them down
Image result for spongebob funOnce you have tried a few of these ideas you will have changed your boredom into a fun state of mind (that sounds cheesy xD)! I hope I have helped you to undo your boredom! I may make another post on What to do When You're Bored later but in the meantime I'll try and upload posts more often again! :D :D :D


  1. Also,watch Youtubers-it always works as a boredom buster.🤓

    #sweetreats xx

    1. I agree-I do that quite often for creative inspiration! :D


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