22 February 2015

Baking Barmy!

Although I haven't done crafting today-I've done plenty of lovely baking. I've already eaten the scones I made with my mum! My sister and mum made some banana bread which we'll be having for dessert too! For good squishy banana bread you have to use bananas with scars on that have slightly brown peel. This way your using bananas that most people won't want anymore to make an amazing cake that everyone can enjoy! Also it makes sure that it's easier to work into the mix so it's stirred quicker.
   Enough about banana bread eh? Today I made a set of drop scones. No wonder they're called drop scones-you'll see a picture later. Even though they ended up a like a little bit of a flop, they tasted really good. Homemade produce is always the best. Before they were cooked they looked like this.
 You can see they're nice and round and plump....but all that soon changed! The cooking time was 15 minutes but it took a little longer to cook. After a few minutes they were warm and ready to come out of the oven nice and fresh.

But alas! They had changed considerably. You just have to see them. Take a look below-on the tray picture you can see the change the most.

 So you can see why they're called drop scones now can't you? I don't know whether they're supposed to flop down like that-but they did. They tasted delicious though and as you can see on the last two pictures, I enjoyed mine with juicy red strawberry jam. They were very sweet. You should try baking your own goodies-I'm still looking forward to my scrumptious dessert of banana bread this evening.

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